Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Flippity Floppity

The girls are 19 months apart.  Morgan is 11 and a half (yes, the half is important!) - and Sarah will be 10 in a couple of weeks!  Looking back, I'm not even sure how we made it through those early years of parenting.  To say we were busy is an understatement!!  But there have been so many blessings having our girls so close together, I couldn't imagine it any other way now.  

Here's just one little way I love them being so close together:  They got some gift cards from their aunt and uncle and they had this idea to each buy a pair of flip flops and then swap just one of them -- so they could have matching mis-matched pairs! Aren't they cute?! I LOVE THIS! I love that they are so close together that they can share fun little things like this! 

And it's kinda hard to 'sea' their toes...but we are getting them ocean-ready! Sparkles (oh, and I had to add more sparkles 'cuz my daughter who was born with glitter in her veins didn't think one coat of sparkles was enough!) and polka-dots and stripes! Impulsive Purple and Optimistic Pink...good colors for the sunshine that will soon be kissing those toes!

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