Saturday, January 26, 2013

Practicing Gratitude (even in sickness)

 It's easy for me to be thankful on the good days. (i.e., on most days.)  But this past week was a rough one with both Mike and Morgan missing an entire week of work and school with fevers and whatnot.  But I tried to be practice gratitude in the midst of's some of this gratitude...

  • Thankful for good HEALTH INSURANCE that meant that at any moment we could have gone to the doctor, urgent care or even the hospital, if necessary.
  • We have ABUNDANCE enough to be able to purchase as much over the counter meds, powerade, kleenex and special snacks as we want. 
  • Mikes gazillion sick days he's accrued in 16.5 years of employment. 
  • For TECHNOLOGY that lets him catch up on a few hours of paperwork on Friday, from home, when he's 80% better and staying home with Morgan.
  • For the comforts of OUR HOME -- extra blankets, heat, cold packs, couches, extra bedrooms. 
  • And for looong HOT SHOWERS. 
  • Being appreciated by family (I think Morgan's exact words to Mike were "Mom is awesome!")
  • Knowing they'd willing, and without complaint, take care of me if I was the sick one.
  • An online chat with a good friend, texting my sister, and texts from a new friend -- others to share this journey with. 
  • Lysol, hot water, anti-bacterial soap, disinfectant. 
  • PERSPECTIVE.  Our week of sickness pales in comparison to the countless parents sitting by their child's bedsides at the hospital -- week after week, praying for a miracle. I prayed for those parents this week. 
  • The power and beauty of HOPE. This won't last forever. 

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Mel said...

Beautiful list. :) Praying everyone is feeling better soon! Hugs, friend. :)