Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Crossroads of a Decision

So Mike tells me, it's an easy decision... and I wish I could look at things as simply as he does. But I don't. For me, making a decision means that I have to analyze and over analyze and ponder every possible outcome. I have to consider priorities and how those priorities play into the decision. It's like a wrestling match...I have to wrestle thru a decision...fight, struggle...really, it's quite mentally exhausting. In big decisions, I have to ask myself questions like, 'when I get to the end of my life...do I think I'll be pleased with this decision, or have regrets?'. I ponder things like, 'God, is this a decision that is right for me/for my family?' Why do I ask these questions? I don't know...but that's how my brain is wired! Whether I want it to or not, my brain just goes there when I'm facing a big decision. So here I stand, once again, at the crossroads of a decision... and feeling quite exhausted with the process. Sigh.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

My Amazing Husband

Everyday Mike gives me at least a dozen reasons or more to appreciate him! It's hard for me to put into words all the ways I appreciate him, but today, I just wanted to pause and share a few of the projects he's done around our home the past year and half. He never has a pre-made kit, he just figures it out in his head and makes it. I am so proud of him and his ability to make stuff like this and so appreciative of his willingness to try these many projects I come up with! Let's see, next project? Build some benches with all the bricks that we have laying around!

Most recent project: Coat Rack in Laundry Room (Winter 10)

Hard to get a good picture of this, but he built playhouse and swingset for girls (Spring 09)

Fireplace he designed and put in our basement (Fall 09)

Bench he built in our kitchen (Summer 08)

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

The Power of Words

So in the silence of my home this morning I am touched by the words of stranger. I received a card from her today. Her name is Bridgette and I've never met her. But two months ago I sent her a card. You see 3 years ago her son was murdered. And she is grieving still. A part of her grieves every anniversary of her son's death.

Last Fall, through a national organization called Parents of Murdered Children, I began writing 'anniversary' letters to strangers, hoping and praying that that my words would let them know they are not alone. Their loved ones are not forgotten. Their grief is real. There is something so very powerful in words. And as much as I love technology, there is something very powerful about a handwritten note. So every month I write to 25 strangers and whisper a prayer that the God of this universe may touch them in the very depth of their soul and bring them to the next place of healing on this journey. Bridgette wrote "Thank you so much for your tender words and kind thoughts, during this time. I thought this month would be so hard to deal with, but through the prayers of people and God's wonderful mercy I made it through!"

I am thankful that we are not alone in this world, we have each other, and we have a God who is as near as our whispers. And we have words to help us express it all.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Sweet Reality

So last night as I am going to bed, I say to Mike "Sweet Dreams" and he says, "Why do I need sweet dreams when I have a sweet reality?" I've thought about that all day. That's kinda the season of life we are in. We've been thru hard times and we aren't naive enough to think that hard times won't come again, but for this moment in our life...it truly does feel like this sweet reality. Perhaps that's why I want to capture into words so much of our days. I want this sweet reality to live on forever. I don't want to forget the details. I'm also aware of how quickly these years with our girls are flying by! So here are the details of our Easter day:

So Easter morning begins before 6am...Sarah is wide awake with a huge smile and ready for Easter! By 6:20, her sister is also awake, so they crawl into our bed, full of excitement. Morgan says, "I like finding the chocolate eggs.: I reply,"oh really, what eggs? Better go see if there are any this year!". We lay in bed just listening to them search. Then the crying starts...you're finding too many, it's not fair...oh my, now I know why my mom had one of us find the eggs in the basement and the other found them upstairs. Note to self: Next year's egg hunt will be on both levels of the house. :) So finally after a little while, they inquire as to their baskets. After getting the first clue they are off on a treasure hunt for their baskets. They are so full of excitement and so giddy over every little thing in their baskets. They loved the nail clippers (when I got them, Mike said, "oh, that's just what I'd want for Easter!" I knew they would love them and they did.) They also really liked the aqua sand and spent a lot of time playing with it today. Yes, it made a mess everywhere, but messes clean up.

We then had our cinnamon rolls for breakfast and got ready for church. I took the time to put curls in the the girls' hair, something they just love! Morgan tried to curl her own hair and got a little burnt. :( They were also very excited that they got to wear dangly earrings today. I also got to wear a new outfit that I got shopping with my mom when she was here, so that was fun. We then paused to capture a few pictures.

We had a fun church service and enjoyed celebrating with others the Risen Christ! After church, we got ready for our picnic and went and had our Easter picnic by the creek. It was a perfect spring day...77, breezy, everything is flowering (forsythias bright yellow, brilliant white pears, beautiful pink tulip trees). We also went for a short walk. And on our walk, and throughout the day, I keep hearing Morgan sing my favorite Easter Song "Was it a Morning Like This?" by Sandi Patti. It was perfect.

We came home and tried to fly a kite, as really it wasn't just breezy, but quite windy. We were mildly successful. The girls just played awhile after that. I got a chance to talk with my mom and got tears in my eyes that we couldn't be there for Easter dinner. My sister also called and left a message, which was nice. We then made up some deviled eggs and had those for dinner, along with milkshakes. Then we decided to end the day geocaching. We found all 3 of the caches we went searching for! At bedtime, we completed the last 'egg'...we have Resurrection Eggs that tell the Easter story. In the past, I've just told them the story, this year, we actually took time and read all the scriptures that went with the eggs and had a deeper discussion. So at bed, I asked the girls their 2 favorite things about today and here is what they said:

Morgan's favorite 2 things today...going on a picnic and Jesus rising from the dead. And Finding chocolate Easter eggs first thing this morning. And wearing dangly earrings. (Think that's 4...but sometimes it's just so hard to choose!)

Sarah's favorite 2 things today...finding her Easter basket and going geocaching just before bed.