Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Sharing the God-Sized Dream Journey

So, this past week, we were suppose to ask a friend to be a God-sized Dream buddy.  Well, being a part of Holley's God-Sized Dream Team, she had a match-up of sorts to find new buddies.  And I'm very excited about this!! So now I have two new online friendships...sharing the journey with others! Love it!

And they are absolutely beautiful people...inside and out...just check out their blogs and you'll see what I mean!
This is Lisa, she writes over at Life After the Shore.
I'm excited to watch her family grow because
she has big God-sized dreams of being able to adopt!
(and I already admire her faith living out luke 5:11!) 

This is Mel, and she writes over at Barefoot Mel.
And I can't wait to read the book she's writing...a collection of stories
about the 5 years she spent in Indonesia!
(and her writing just makes me want to

I love the way the internet has the ability to connect souls! To meet other people who are truly amazing!

And while I didn't personally ask any of my already amazing friends to be my buddy too...it's because I already have several who consistently encourage me towards my dream...and I love them for that! (You know who you are -- so THANK YOU!!)

I think this so so perfect for us <3
So, who is encouraging you in your dreams?
If you need someone, I'd love to be that someone! :)


Mel said...

I just want you to know, my friend, how many times you've blessed me and made me smile this past week. So glad we get to be part of this journey together! Hugs and prayers! :)

Holley Gerth said...

Love seeing how you are encouraging your dream team buddies! I know y'all are going to be a blessing to each other in lots of ways!

Lisa said...

Cathy, You are so sweet and have blessed my life more than you'll ever know! I have to agree with Mel's comment...about how many times you've made me smile and encouraged me :) Thank you sweet friend. So grateful we get to be Dream-Team Buddies!

Cathy said...

Awe, thanks for all your sweet comments. I needed them tonight.