Friday, January 11, 2013

5 Minute Friday: Dive

It's 5 minute Friday, where I write for 5 minutes with no editing, then link it up over at Lisa-Jo Baker's site. Today's word: DIVE!

Today I am reminded of my girls at the pool this past summer.  They joined the swim team this past summer and it was an absolute blast!  Eight practices a week, swim meets.  I was so proud of how hard they worked at their practices.  And I loved seeing how far they came.

 Morgan's dive improved immensely.  I was quite impressed with some of them by the end of the season.  And her ability to dive gave her both confidence and headstart when the buzzer went off at the meets. 

Sarah on the other hand....well the 'dive' was something she never 'got' this past summer. But she never stopped trying.  I was proud of her effort, even as I cringed watching as somehow both her feet and her hands touched the water at the same time. Time after time.  I think this is why she liked the backstroke in the swim meets the best, because she didn't have to dive in first.

Needless to say, I am definitely looking forward to them doing swim team again this coming summer! I'm definitely looking forward to seeing if this is the summer Sarah finally 'gets' the dive figured out - and I can't wait to be there cheering her on! (Oh that 5 minutes went to much more I wanted to write!)

Also, here is another post I wrote about jumping off the high dive back in 2008!


Debi Stangeland said...

I love your enthusiasm. How fun is it to be a mom and see your children succeed? Thanks for sharing.

Cathy said...

Thanks, Debi. Yes, it's my favorite part of watching them grow up - seeing them succeed!