Friday, January 4, 2013

5 Minute Friday: Opportunity

My blog has been more of a personal blog.  For family, for friends.  That was my initial intent, to keep in touch with those who live so far away from us, but who still feel so close at heart.  But lately, I've been wondering what it would be like to connect with others. With strangers.  There are some amazing blogs I read and behind those blogs are some amazing women.  They inspire me. Their words often echo in my heart after I read them.  I don't feel quite as alone in my thoughts and struggles when I read their words.

SO...I saw this opportunity today...and I decided to try it.  I've never done a linkup with another blog before, so we'll see how this goes! I stumbled across it at Gift After Gift, but it's at Lisa-Jo Baker's website (I like her last name already!) and it's called #FiveMinuteFriday.  She gives a writing prompt and you have 5 minutes to write - no editing, no overthinking, just write.  Today's prompt was: OPPORTUNITY.  So here it is, my five minute writing prompt, that I fumbled through on my new keyboard (yay for husband using his overtime money to buy me a new laptop since my old one seemed about ready to crash!). 

Opportunity. I have so many opportunities every day. And yet how often do I let them slip away?

Opportunity to interact with my girls, and yet I get caught up on the computer. 
Opportunity to encourage a friend with a letter, and yet I just let it slip by. 
Opportunity to pursue a dream and yet I talk myself out of it.
Opportunity to grow in my relationship with God, yet my bible sits closed. 
Opportunity to learn something new, but I don't.

Why? I wish I was one of those Carpe Diem people (Seize the day!) Sometimes I am.  I wonder if it is a skill I could develop?  I'm so thankful I live in America and for all the opportunities I have.  I wonder what my life would be like if I did seize more opportunities.  I'm not talking perfection here, just being more aware of the opportunities I have every day that I miss.  I wonder...I wonder... 

Hopefully I link this up correctly. :) And yes, I would totally rewrite this if I could and didn't have to follow the rules! :) But since I'm a rule follower, I'll leave it alone! :)


Joy said...

Congrats on your first post with Friday Five! I think moms all wonder... am I doing enough? There's always more to be done, but it seems like your perspective is accurate spending time with your girls, now that is a priceless investment. They are are only young for so long!

devotedtoquilting said...

Yay! You grabbed the opportunity to touch base, congratulations. Great perspective, are we doing enough? I wonder if we ever quit asking ourselves that question? Enjoyed your post, glad you linked up.

April said...

I'm glad you linked up today! I love the background of your blog :-).

It is so true we as mom's we do let lots of opportunities slip by, but we can always determine to do better; and we don't feel as isolated when we can connect and 'hear' others' stories. Thank you for sharing & praying for me today :-).