Monday, April 28, 2008

Morgan's Prayer

So tonight at dinner, Morgan is praying. As she's thanking God for being with us everywhere, she thanks him specifically for being with her at school while she had to take her reading test! She was very proud that the results said she was reading at a 2nd grade level! :) Just had to share this after the blog post I made earlier today! I also went and talked to her teacher and that helped! :)


I just dropped Sarah off at Preschool and I'm back home. The house is quiet. I need quiet to replenish, and so I tell myself I should appreciate these moments. And yet I find tears in my eyes, because they really are growing up, these days of always being home with them are coming to an end. Life is always is.

I was mad this morning about "mad minutes". Morgan has to pass step 4 of these "mad minutes" at school by this Friday to get a special party. But it is just not "clicking" for her. She is crying and frustrated and I just seem to be confusing her more than helping her when I work with her. First grade has been so hard for her. She comes home completely exhausted, has a melt down almost every evening. Sometimes I wish I had all the answers as a mom. But I don't. And it hurts. But I continue to pray that she will find the gaps and hard places (that I don't have answers too), filled by an amazing God. As I grow in christ-likeness on my journey, I can model that to her, but I can't be perfect. God alone is perfect.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

"Trust Me"

Lately, it seems that I am constantly hearing God whispering to me "Trust Me". There's this older song by Mark Lowry that says "Trust Me and See that I am who I claim to be. Trust me and see I'm the God of authority...and I have the power to see you though". Lately, I can not get those words out of my head.

I keep opening my mouth and saying things like "Why isn't our house selling?" "When are we moving?" "What am I suppose to do next in this next season of life?" "Why are you moving us to Springfield?" "Why didn't that volunteer opportunity work out?" "Why have we lived in Jeff City?" "What am I suppose to do with my dreams?" And I keep getting the same answer "Trust Me".

One thing I love about being a mom, is that it draws me closer to the heart of God. My kids can't say "Give me $5" and I instantly give it to them. Just as I can't say to God "Give me a contract on our house tomorrow" and He will. Am I capable of giving the $5? Is He capable of giving us a contract? yes and yes. And yet I tell my girls all the time "Trust Me"...why, because I love them, and I want what's best for them. I see the bigger picture. In that same way, God loves me and I know I can trust Him. I know His heart for me. I know He sees the bigger picture of my life. In some ways I'm not much different than my girls, saying things like, "why?" and "It's not fair" and "I don't understand". And just as I answer them with hugs, reassurance, and "Trust me", I continue to hear God's gentle reminder to "Trust me". I'm glad He's so patient with me!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Gave away her "Sorries"?

Ok, so Sarah accidently spills her milk on Morgan's bagel this morning. And Morgan says "Sarah, you should say you are sorry." And Sarah responds..."I can't tell you I'm sorry, because I have no sorries left...I gave them all away!" Seriously, where does she come up with this stuff? So after I laughed to myself, I informed Sarah that she ALWAYS has sorries inside of her, that she can't give them all away! Sarah responded with a smirk.

Friday, April 11, 2008

Moving, Moments and Sparkles

So with moving and all coming up this summer, I just thought this would be a fun way to keep in touch with friends. We'll see how it works out! :) Hopefully I'll even reconnect with some friends I haven't been in touch with in awhile, but whom I think of still often.

While moving is a big event, that changes the course of your life, I really feel that it is the small moments in life that give life value, richness, meaning. After all, we really only have this moment, and then this moment is gone. What a gift.

So, here's a moment. I love being a mom of two girls...they add sparkles to my life. Literally. So, I'm finishing up folding the laundry the other day...and I notice that my shirt is sparkling. So I begin to look...and I find all the clothes are sparkling...yes, even Mike's work clothes! Then I find it...a tube of pink sparkle lipstick that Sarah's friend gave her at school the other day. Obviously, I forgot to check her pockets first! So all my nicely folded clothes went back in the washing machine...and I called Mike to let him know he might be a bit more sparkly the next time he gets dressed! :) And while I was a bit discouraged about doing the laundry again, I still had to smile about the extra sparkles in my day!