Tuesday, December 30, 2008


I am not one for making new year's resolutions, but I do enjoy how the new year gives me the opportunity to pause and consider various aspects of my life...things worth celebrating, things to work on changing, things I'm not so proud of.

Lately I've noticed that I am very "short" with the girls. I have very little patience and just seem to be upset with them a lot (and with Mike too!). As I was considering this, I realized how little I've been taking care of myself lately. I use to go out 3-4 times a month with friends before we moved...in the past 7 months, I've been out with zero friends. Mike and I use to go out before we moved...and since we've moved, we've been out once and that was to do our Christmas shopping. Mike and I had been taking an annual get-a-way...our last get-a-way was August 2007 and we had to come home early from that because Mike's grandpa passed away. The girls and I use to spend lots of time outside during the day and now that I'm working and it's winter, our time outside is limited...and nature replenishes me. And the only time I've had any time to myself was Christmas shopping...hardly relaxing and yet brief periods of solitude is also something that replenishes me.

So this next year I am hoping to begin taking better care of myself, because in doing so I know I will be more a reflection of the mom and wife I want to be...and they'll probably enjoy being around me again too!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

One Day

I woke up thinking what a difference one day makes. The temperature has risen a couple of degrees in the forecast, so it looks like it might just be rain and not freezing rain that we will be traveling in. Yeah! My antibiotics are kicking in, so I actually got a decent night's sleep and woke up feeling halfway decent. I also woke up to the laughter of my girls in the other room...that is a beautiful way to wake up! I think they are excited about pajama day at school and the fact we are leaving for Christmas in Michigan as soon as school gets out today. Mike and I are both off today, so I'll be able to finish packing while he loads up the suburban...it will be amazing if we get everything to fit!

Can I also say that for the first time in 7 1/2 years I actually got to be home sick alone. One of the challenging things that I found about being at home with my girls the past several years is that when I was sick, they were still here to take care of. It was so nice to just be sick and rest...all alone!

Monday, December 22, 2008

Joyous Time of Year

Oh this joyous time of year hasn't been so joyous the past few days. I am extremely stressed/worried about the traveling weather they are prediciting the next couple of days, I am exhausted from all the prep work from getting ready for Christmas and to travel...by the way, there is still not a thing in a suitcase! And now I am home today with strep throat! I have been miserable the past few days...sleeping awful, hardly eating. I actually made fudge and didn't feel like eating it because I've felt so horrible!

The thing I love about traveling for the holidays though is that I just leave the world behind...no chores or errands or things I should be doing...I get to just be in the moment when we escape town and head North for a few days...and I love that!

And for some reason my blog is doing weird stuff with the pictures in the post below...not sure what's going on our how to fix it...hopefully you can see them ok!

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Christmas Comes Early

Since we are planning to travel to Michigan for Christmas, and since we can't fit a stage in the suburban, we decided to give the girls their christmas present today! Didn't Mike do a great job with it? Now can someone please take the freezing rain out of the forecast for Wedensday...it would make traveling much more enjoyable!

Monday, December 15, 2008

Governor's Ribbon Cutting

Today was the Governor's Ribbon Cutting for the new Crime lab. Hopefully life will slow back down to it's normal pace for us now! We're in the middle of our 1st winter storm...should be interesting what snow/ice comes our way over night. Click here to see the news story on the crime lab.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

A Gift

So 30 minutes after my last entry of "A Crazy Week", I received the gift of extra time! Sarah woke up with a fever, very sore throat and a headache. While I am very sorry that she is sick and I'm taking her to the doctor here in just a bit to make sure it's not strep throat...I am so thankful for the gift of time that I have home with her today and tomorrow!

A Crazy Week

I'm glad this week isn't a typical week...it's been crazy. The Governor's ribbon cutting at the new lab is on Monday...so Mike has been working crazy hours and now that they officially moved evidence into the lab...an employee has to be there at all times with the contractors. Guess who that is? :) I'm also trying to get out Christmas cards, finish up Christmas shopping, the girls had their annual Christmas party to celebrate Jesus' birthday last Saturday with their friends and this Saturday we're having Mike's work Christmas party here. I won't even tell you the last time it was since I mopped floors (it's embarrassing!)...I have so much to do to get ready! Both the girls have had total complete meltdowns this week...do you think they're feeling the tension of the craziness?!?!

But work has been fun lately...yesterday I got to help make gingerbread cookies most of the day, today is Santa's workshop where they are making lots of crafts...next week they are going to the theatre to see a movie...and there's a pajama day watching Polar Express coming up too. How much fun is that?! :) And I get paid...wow, how lucky is that? :) I love being in Kindergarten! :)

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Love Lives On...

In Loving Memory of Linda and Heather Baker.
Sometimes I'm still surprised that after 12 years the pain of their loss can still hurt so much. Yet in the silence I can still hear their laughter ringing in my ear, I can still remember laughing with them until my sides hurt. Their love will always live on because their love touched my life. I just wish my girls had had a chance to laugh and love with them too!