Sunday, January 13, 2013


Oh, sweet children of are growing up waaay too fast!  Thanks for letting me capture these photos of you on our walk the other evening...on a January day that felt more like Springtime than winter.
Morgan found this heart in a rock on our walk and snapped a picture of it. 

My 3 favorites!

How'd I get so lucky to be their mom?! 

Sweet Sarah. She found this branch hanging over the water. 

Do you see how tall she is?! 

Doesn't everyone walk on their hands on a walk?

She first had the a way to walk across river without getting wet. 

Silliness. Glad you got over your 'I don't want to walk!' attitude. ;) 

Look at all that Green! In January!

Changing before my eyes...

BSFEL (Best Sisters for Eternal Life)

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