Monday, January 21, 2013

Our 100 Words Weekend

* Pizza. * Friday night worship. * Share communion with daughters.  * Sleep in. * Lazy morning. * Play Words with Friends. * Meander trails. * Absorb bountiful sunshine. * Girls build bridge across creek.*  They hike back with sloshy shoes and muddy pants. * Girls sleepover at BFF house. * Mike & I try new (to us) restaurant (Nakato).*  Catch a Movie. * Volunteer at church. * Clean.*  Make chili and brownies. * Laugh with neighbors during games. * Win at Euchre. * Mike wakes up sick. L * Donuts at new donut shop in town (Rays).*  Reorganize Craft Closet.* Complete new paint/craft kits from Christmas. * Shop online for cruise stuff. * Movies on couch. * Dream.

beautiful sunset, beautiful reflection
One more thing,
I found this New Pinterest Board I love: Everything Outdoors. 
Isn't this a beautiful picture! ?!  


Mel said...

I love this idea. (Can I borrow it?) :) Sounds like you had a great weekend!

Cathy said...

Mel - Of Course you can! :)