Tuesday, December 31, 2013

2013: A Look Back at My God Sized Dream

I began 2013 filled with excitement over being part of Holley Gerth's God Sized Dream Team (GSDT)! I had dreams (and still do!) that are deep in my heart!

But the reality is, this past year, this year of dreaming, has been met with a lot of rejection and a lot of dead ends.

  • Not getting the job I really wanted which would have allowed me to inspire families and young moms. 
  • My story not getting accepted to be part of a book. 
  • My pursuit of three various avenues for making and publishing apps all ended with dead ends. 
  • The volunteer opportunity I wanted to pursue not working out. 

And it would be easy for me to quit at this point and say, what's the point of dreaming? Nothing ever works out. (Sometimes I can be a bit pessimistic!)

But honestly, I'm still dreaming!

Because here's what I've discovered about dreams this past year -- they take me closer to the heart of God! Because in rejection, I am reminded that He has plans for me -- and this door is not working out because He has something better in store for me.

It's a quiet confidence that He loves me and wants the desires of my heart to become a reality. I'm not sure what that looks like, I can't see the big picture, but He can.

It's Faith -- it's knowing without seeing that the dreams in my heart will one day become reality. The dreams He placed in my heart, are for me, but they are also for others -- for others to also be drawn towards the heart of a father that loves them deeply.

So you see, anything that draws me (and others) closer to the heart of God is worth pursing...and is worth dreaming about!

Blossom Bunkhouse Today I'm linking up with a new website: www.godsizeddreams.com -- if you are dreaming dreams, this is definitely the place you need to 'hang out' at during this coming year! You will be inspired and encouraged! I 'met' the women who are writing for this website from Holley's GSDT this past year and they are some of the most amazing encouragers I've ever met! They've given me the courage to once again believe and seek out real-life relationships.

Friday, December 6, 2013

Winter Wonderland

Big giant snowflakes, swirling, twirling, pouring down to earth right now. Transforming, quieting, changing the landscape out my bedroom window. You.are.a.GIFT.

I'm so thankful for the success of my etsy shop these past 6 weeks -- the income has been a blessing. And I LOVE making all these personalized, special Christmas gifts for others - it makes me smile thinking of them giving them to loved ones on Christmas morning.  But honestly, I'm no longer having fun. This hobby has become a full time job and it's taking away from my family, especially when I'm also still subbing so much.  I mean just yesterday I received orders for 24 more items I need to make!

But last night, this snow caused me to pause.  It gave me an excuse for some family time. I mean with school already cancelled last night for today, and with the special Live Sound of Music on TV, and a giant Christmas present from aunt and uncle sitting there ready to open -- well, how could I not?! The present was a new popcorn machine for the snack bar -- the girls were/are so excited! There is much talk of devouring several more batches of popcorn today! After sledding of course!

The truth is,  my house is not yet decorated for Christmas. I put the tree up this week, while my fall decorations were still filling our home. Nothing else is up. I still don't have the girl's annual stockings hung up yet.  They have been asking. It is a priority for today.  I love filling them with family activities and volunteer activities each day -- a reminder to pause during this busy season and focus on what it's all really about.

My heart has wanted to blog about so much -- about not getting the job I REALLY wanted and how I'm okay with that, of the joy in travelling this Thanksgiving and watching my nephew play at the state championship football game at Ford Field, of meeting up with family in Chicago, about Mel nominating me for leibster award, and so much more. But blogging (and writing for GSG), have not been happening lately with all these orders!

And what I grieve the most - is this, my heart has not yet quieted enough to remember that He is the reason for the season.  But the snow this morning, has begun a shift in my focus. And for this alone, I'm thankful. 

I may or may not get out Christmas cards this year, and I probably won't get up all my decorations this year, but I will celebrate the One who came to earth so long ago and continues to give us the gift of his unconditional love year after year. Jesus. I'm thankful He sent a snowfall my way this morning to remind me of His love for me.