Thursday, January 3, 2013

New Year Questions for My Kids

I saw these questions on Inner Child Learning (via pinterest, of course!) -- so I added a few of my own and asked the girls yesterday morning. I wanted to write down the questions and answers here, so I can try and remember and ask them every year. I think it will be fun to see how they grow and change from their responses each year. My favorite response was about keeping only 5 things in their room. :)

Favorite Color?
S: Dark Blue
M: Purple

Favorite Healthy/Unhealthy Food:
S: Chicken/Andy's Frozen Custard
M: Broccoli/Zingers

When do you feel the happiest?
S & M:  When I am with my family (awww!)

When you look around the world, what is something that makes you sad?
S & M: Homeless people

What can you do to change that?
S: Saving up money and giving them a dollar or two
M: Give them 5 or 10 dollars

If you had to stop school today and do a job, what would it be?
S & M: A Teacher

If you could learn something new this year, what would it be?
S: How to use the oven (and the grill)
M: Algebra

If you could do one thing and not fail at it, what would it be?
S: Bake a lot of dinners
M: Bungee jumping

If you could do just one chore for whole year, what would it be?
S: Clean the refrigerator
M: Taking care of Daisy dog (no poop)

If you could only keep 5 things in your room this year, what would they be?
S: Pink blankey, Cupcake & Cookie (her bears), American Girl Doll & stuff, books (she couldn't pick one)
M: Crackers (her duck), Darth Vader's Head (don't ask), ipod, 2 blankets, clarinet

Goals I want to set for this year:
S: Keep my room clean and organized
M: Save money, finish 6th grade, eat less junk food

To do this goal I will:
S: Not randomly put things around
M:  buy a bank I can not get into, eat dessert only once a week, tv on Saturday only

One year from now...
S: I want to tell myself I accomplished my goal.
M: I want to remember the cruise