Monday, May 25, 2009


It has been such a challenge to train our dog. We've been doing a lot of the "right" things they recommend, but not making much progress. We finally decided to buy a book specifically about beagles. Here's what the author says about a beagle's "true character: stubborn, willful, determined, independent, obstinate, unyielding, uncompromising, strong willed, bullheaded, muleheaded, pigheaded, intractable, headstrong and tenacious. I hope I have made myself clear." Yep, that about sums it up! We are in over our heads! The message at church yesterday was about "stress" and he went thru this list, "This message might be for you if...." and I finished it "you are training a beagle!". Good thing she's at least a cutie!

Friday, May 22, 2009


Here are a few pics celebrating the girl's friendships during their last week as a Kindergartner and 2nd Grader. Really, someone please tell me how they grew so big already! This week was a fun week with Beach Day and Park Day for Sarah. Lucky me, I got to attend both since I work there! She also walked to E1 where she'll attend 1st grade next year. For Morgan she had Friendship Day and Park Day. She also got to walk to E's Inn for soda and ice cream and I took off a 1/2 day to go with her! Lucky me! What joy it is for me to see the friendships they've developed this past year. And I was so worried about it a year ago with moving!
And I also must add that I am SO looking forward to being home with the girls this summer. I've really missed being a stay-at-home mom this past year. We have 3 vacations planned and in-between I hope to just have some lazy, giggly, water-filled days enjoying this season of motherhood! Welcome summertime! I think I'll make a pitcher of lemonade today.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Fast Forward

If anyone knows how to slow down time, please let me know! I've been feeling this pull again at how quickly the girls are growing! These childhood years are going TOO FAST! I just want to hold these years forever...and yet I know it will be a joy to watch them continue to grow...I just wish it was in slow motion and not in fast forward! I'm really looking forward to summer beginning on Friday and having lots of summer days making memories. And hopefully scrapbooking too, so that I can remember all these good times in years ahead! I LOVE being a mom!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009


I have been thinking about internal strength today. Where does it come from? How does one get it? How can I get more of it in my life? I know I need to exercise. I know I need to eat better. I know I should drink more water and less soda. And yet I have been unable to find the strength within me to begin to change these simple things in my life. While I want these things to be a part of my life, while I see the value of them being in my life...I continue to not change. And then there's the bigger things. Where does one find the strength to begin again? New friendships, new jobs, new seasons of life. Some days depression wells up inside of me...and I can not find the strength I need to move forward. I wish I had this amazing strength that moved me forward, but reality is proving otherwise.

Tonight, the girls are gone with Mike (they are buying my Mother's Day present). And I am enjoying the gift of a quiet evening at home. Reading my bible, reading a book, listening to the christian radio station and blogging. Trying to forget all those things on my "I should..." list and just enjoy the gift of this free time.

The book I'm reading is called Anonymous (by Alicia Britt Chole). Her words seem to capture the feelings of my heart. She writes...

"When you're living the gap between your dreams and life's're in an anonymous season of the soul."

"Have you ever moved to a new place or entered a new environment where no one know who you were, what you could do, or what dreams ignited your soul? Have you ever crossed the threshold into another season of life, like parenthood or extended studies, where you shifted from recognition to anonymity?"

"Concealed for months or years or decades, our potential seems to hibernate like a bear in winter, and over time we begin to wonder if spring will ever awaken it again."

She goes on to explain in her book how "Jesus' hidden years (anonymous season) empowered him to live an eternally fruitful life." (For 90% of His life he was actually anonymous/ hidden.) Her words are helping me to appreciate this anonymous season and giving me hope! Is that where strength comes from...from hope?