Saturday, August 2, 2008

Letting Go

So, I'm always telling my brave, you don't know if you'll like it until you try it. Well I had the opportunity to model this value for them. So the other night at the pool, I find myself climbing the stairs, holding on with a death grip as I reach the top, thinking "what in the world am I doing? I'm going to die or seriously injure myself"...and in the next breath reminding myself..."I can do this, I will be ok!" Then I get to the end of the rail and I have to take those last few steps without holding onto anything..."Can I climb back down the stairs?" No...I must LET GO...I must let go of control (literally) I look up, the girls are watching, Mike is ready with the camera, so I did it...I let go, walked, jumped and fell and fell and fell and fell...then splash off the high dive into the pool! Water went up my nose, I could scarecly breathe...I swam to the ladder...and I felt victory, and relief (I was indeed alive!). I had let go. I had tried something new. So then I get back to Mike and he tells me "You have to do it again...I missed the picture!" "WHAT?!?!" Yes, all he got was the here's my "letting go" splash! I have no plans to do it again, but then again, perhaps I will again to remind myself the value of letting go sometimes!
By the way, Sarah also let go of the wall the same night and decided she was ready to try swimming without anyone hanging onto her. She's doing awesome! Also, notice Morgan's missing tooth! :) Here was our parting shot from another beautiful day spent at Stockton Lake today.

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Eri said...

Your girls rooms look fabulous! How about the recipe for the chocolate zucchini cake? Sounds yummy!