Saturday, April 27, 2013

(in)RL Conference

There's this blog I follow called (in)courage.  It's a collection of amazing christian, women who share their hearts and their journey every day.  There is so much good stuff, I never have time to read all of it. But when I do have the time to sit and soak it in, it is so very replenishing! Good, good, stuff!

Well last year they had this conference, where they (in)couraged women around the globe to move from being online, to meeting up in real life (in)RL -- through this conference.  Well last year, no one hosted a meetup in my area, so I didn't attend. This year, I decided I would host a local meetup, if people were interested in meeting up in real life.

So, this morning, three brave women whom I never met, came to my house and we shared conversation  and laughter, and cinnamon rolls!  The online conference wasn't all that we thought it would be...but we were all glad for the opportunity for connection!

Here's a couple of photos....

Oh, and during this time, Mike took the girls out for donuts and some mother's day shopping.  All I can say about this picture is...Oh.My.Word. (Yes, that's a donut!)


Mel said...

Yay for bravery and (in)RL friendships! Happy for you, friend. :)

Lisa Larson said...

Wish I could have been there! You're SO brave! Looks like you did an amazing job :) Haha, and about that little boy is sitting here drooling! They are his favorite!