Tuesday, April 16, 2013

When Evil Rocks the World

When deep tragedy strikes, when evil rocks the world, when pain exists in the world -- I find that I begin searching for the good. It's my way of coping. Because there is good in the world. Lots of it.  I know this on a personal level and I see it in my community, and watch it unfold nationally and globally. Here's what I found just this morning...
<3 Mr Rogers
  • The news of marathon runners finishing the race, then going to the hospital to donate blood to those injured at the Boston Marathon bombing yesterday. 
  • Seeing a FB post my friend, Teri, posted, that linked to this beautiful story of a Missouri HS Football player who attends prom with a special needs HS girl. 
  • Like reading this blog from my online friend, Lisa, who truly lives out her faith, and in doing so, gave God an opportunity to show up in a big way. 
  • And this inspiration I read this morning from the pastor of our last church, Piet VanWaarde...
"Act as if what you do makes a difference. It does.” ~William James
After the twin towers fell on 9/11, I was horrified (with the rest of the world at what happened). Two days later I got my first tattoo - it was my personal declaration and rededication to the only cause that can change the world: the gospel of Jesus Christ! What happened in Boston yesterday reminds me that our job is far from over... 
With our laments and prayers for those touched by the tragedy might I suggest that every sincere Christ-follower also re-double their efforts at being nothing less than the saltiest salt and the brightest light in their spheres of influence - for THAT alone is our only hope!
  • And listening to Holley Gerth's encouraging segment here. "If you have gone through hurts in this life and have kept your hearts open, then you are a remarkable person. If you are daring to still dream, then that is exactly what you have done." 
  • Of my ever creative, talented, and thoughtful daughter making this for her sister for MAP testing...

Yes, continue to BElieve THEre is GOOD in the World! Never forget there is HOPE.

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