Friday, April 5, 2013

Rewind: Easter

I'm a bit behind on getting my Easter Pics up, but I did want to capture a few of the sweet moments of these ever fleeting years.

The girls and I tried a few 'pin'spired ideas from pinterest. I love the age they are at and the fun things we can do together!

1. Ressurrection Rolls.  They kinda worked. They were still yummy, even if they didn't look quite right. :) Whoops - no pics.

2. Egg Decorating.  We used glue dots and glitter to make polka-dot eggs. We used rubber cement to make swirls.  And I found this yellow duck fuzz that I've had in my craft stuff for like 18 years that we used too.

3. We made Rice Krispy Treat Eggs -- with Jelly Beans in the middle.

Tonight's fun in the kitchen with my girls. #instacollage

4. We made Deviled Eggs that looked like Chicks.

To celebrate Easter, we...

1. Saturday night, we had a fun Easter Dinner at Darian and Beau's House. It's been awhile since we shared an Easter Dinner with anyone and it was really nice to share the table with others and enjoy some delicious food, that we didn't have to even prepare! And of course, Henry added lots of smiles to our day. Whoops - forgot to take pictures.

2. We spent the morning at church....3 services, attending and helping. Sarah even got to go on stage and participate in a blindfolded taste test in kidpoint services.

3. And after six hours at church, we decided we deserved to eat Andy's for lunch on Easter.

4. Of course, we had our annual treasure hunt to find anticipated Easter Baskets.  Not sure how this happened, but my girls never did believe in the Easter Bunny.  Santa - yes. Toothfairy - yes. Bunny - no.  We celebrated Jesus, had egg hunts and baskets - and they always thanked us, not the Bunny. It worked.

We hide chocolate eggs in house night before
and they find them when they wake up.
A tradition my own mom started. 

5. We spent the afternoon geocaching (not much luck) and soaking up a bit of Spring Weather at the park. The girls still love playing pooh sticks, which I think is adorable. (It's a game Winnie the Pooh plays, where you put a stick on one side of the bridge and watch it come out the other side.) They also still love the flying on the mushroom. And they even posed for pics for dad and I - I'll let you guess who encouraged posing for which pictures!

6. We also went to our town's egg hunt Friday night. 

And a parting shot...this is what happens when I try and get pretty pictures...

I texted Mike yesterday, 2,871 days til these sweet girls are both adults. This reminds us  to make the most of these years... a collection of moments woven together to make a lifetime.

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Mel said...

Thank you for sharing these fun memories! Those rice krispie eggs are making me really hungry, too! :)