Saturday, April 20, 2013

A Real Hillbilly

FYI: Maybe you had to be there, but the funny part is below the photos!

Yesterday, we did something spontaneous. We normally aren't like that. But we had money in our 'fun envelope' still, and with tickets being only $5/each this weekend, we bought tickets to the Baldknobber's Show - The first show that started it all in Branson!

And we had a great time. I haven't laughed so hard in a long time. And let me tell you, that laughter felt good.   Really good. My heart is still smiling this morning, and I still find a few chuckles slipping out this morning. 

I couldn't get real good pics of the stage with my camera phone, but here's the girls exposure to some culture... hillbilly style. Notice the guy playing the washboard on the end.

Here's my darling daughters hanging out at the Baldknobber's during intermission...

and my absolutely favorite picture....

But despite the great show...full of entertainment and laughter, I have a confession. I missed at least a third of the show. You see, this real hillbilly gal came and sat down in front of me.  Her skin too wrinkly and too dark, from waaay too much tanning, and her hair full of a can of hairspray to support her 80s style curling-iron look.  And let me tell you, she was obnoxious. Completely, totally, obnoxious. 

At her first stand up and whoop, I just looked at Mike and we burst into laughter. And it continued, on and on. I looked at my girls - and they look on their faces (priceless!) -- wide eyes looking at the lady, then looking at me with pure bewilderment, shaking their heads, and Morgan whispering to me "really?!" Yes, really, my daughter. Welcome to another culture. Welcome. Glad I could expose you to others. I told them they could join her (wink), to which they responded with even wider eyes and a firm NO! 

Then the missing-half-his-teeth guy she was sitting next too (it was a large group that came together) kept turning around to convince us that he did not come with her. Several in the group tried to encourage her to settle down, to which she'd respond with more inappropriate hollers.  FINALLY, the staff came and had a little talk with her, so she calmed down slightly. Her behavior was rude and disrespectful to others around her, but some reason, it just gave me the giggles. And I could not stop laughing at her.  

THEN, I was horrified when she jumped up and started whooping again when they asked military to stand up and be honored when they heard their anthem play. So there she was with all these honorable veterans,  whooping!!  I think my eyes were wider than my girls.  THEN, the missing-half-his-teeth guy turns around and says to us "She said she's 'done' a vet, so that's close enough!" Oh good grief, and while completely inappropriate, I totally lost it in a fit of giggles! 

I'm glad we live in such a colorful world, with so many colorful people! It sure keeps life interesting! And I'm sure because of her, my girls will never forget THIS Baldknobber's show! 

Oh, and I have to brag, after the show, when we stood up to leave, a nice lady behind us stopped me and complimented how well mannered our girls were during the show! Awe. Proud momma moment there.  So, when they asked for ice cream at 10:30 at night, and Mike said, no, it's too late.  I responded nonchalantly with, "well the lady did compliment them on being so well mannered tonight." And he said, "What, you think we should reward that kind of behavior?" To which I responded with a 'yup!' as he was turning into McDonalds for a couple of sundaes!

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