Friday, April 5, 2013

Rewind: April Fool's Day

Yes, I'm catching up on blogging today. At least a little bit.

Here are the 3 jokes I played on my girls this year for April Fool's Day.

1. They had the day off, so I gave them these lists on top and told them they had to complete these things before they could play today.  Morgan took off to her room to begin cleaning. Sarah looked at me and said, "Really, mom?!" And then I said, wait, Morgan come back, that's only page one, here's page two of your list. They both looked at me a bit crazy at this point.  And then they smiled big when they read, "April Fool's!"

2. I put a raisin in their toothpaste.  And I heard them talking about it some, but they never came to me about it. Until this morning, Sarah says, "Mom, we need new toothpaste." I ask why.  She says, 'because a mouse pooped in our toothpaste!' To which I said, I was waiting for you to tell me about that, April Fools - it was only a raisin.  Sarah replied with, I knew it was a raisin, but Morgan said no, it was mouse poop! Maybe I should have let them think mouse poop to encourage them actually putting the lid back on the toothpaste perhaps. I blew that one! 

So Mike asks, what have they been using to brush their teeth the past 4 days?!

Their travel sized toothpaste. Phew.

3. I made some special brownies for dessert. Get it, Brown-E's.  They didn't get it at first, but after a minute it soaked in and I got a, "ha,ha, mom!" Then they made up a real batch for dessert, since they love baking so much.

Oh, and I love that Morgan got in on it too this year, she put a rubberband on the hose nozzle of the kitchen sink.  I'm so glad I asked Mike to fill up the dog's water, good timing on my part! :) 

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Mel said...

You are such a fun mom...I can't wait til Mae is old enough for things like this! :)