Friday, May 3, 2013

Friends who Inspire Faith

Yes, I know it's Friday and I'm just now linking up with Holley's God-Sized Dream Team Link up from Tuesday! This week's assignment: Write a letter of encouragement to another dreamer in your life. Share your letter by including it in a post and linking up below.

Last month, I actually sent out a few of these letters of encouragement in snail-mail. I didn't want to repeat myself, so I've been pondering this for many days.  The last few nights I've been awake in the middle of the night and found myself praying for several friends in my life.  Through those prayers I was inspired to write this letter to three of them.

You see, these friends, have all taken huge leaps of faith this past year, trusting in God. Let me give you a 'snapshot' of each.

Lisa: I've met her through Holley's God-Sized Dream team, and she writes a beautiful blog called Life After The Shore -- and it talks about her journey leaving the only life she ever knew, and beginning again.  As a teen, her parents joined a cult, but she & her husband heard God's voice saying, 'walk away, I have bigger plans for you!' and so they did! You can read here story here.

Janelle: I met her just over a year ago. She was over the children's ministry at our church campus in Nixa.  I love her genuineness, her ability to organize, encourage and inspire.  But here's the thing. She and her husband have felt this calling to go and plant a new church. Not just anywhere, but in Las Vegas. So with a toddler, and without jobs, they stepped out in faith, moved back to Nevada to live with family for a few months, as they pursue this dream in their hearts to share God's love with the broken souls in Las Vegas.

Angela: When I met Angela, she was leading a study on Jill Savages's book, Professionalizing Motherhood.  Our kids were drinking bottles, now they are in middle school.  She has been a dear friend though the years. We still text regularly.  She has a heart for other cultures. And right now that heart means pursuing her doctorate degree in order to pursue the dreams God has placed in her heart.  This meant her and her husband left good paying, stable careers, to move half-way across the country, believing that God would provide, as they stepped out in faith.

Dear Lisa, Janelle, and Angela -

Do you know how many times your faith inspires me?  Often it convicts me.  I want security. I want to have some control over my future (as if that's possible, but still I try!). I want to have 'comforts' (often financial), before I pursue dreams.  I may hear God whispering, or even waving his arms loud trying to get my attention, and so often, I make excuses. I don't have that faith that you have.  And yet, I find myself praying to God, asking Him to help me find a faith like yours.

I know each one of your journeys has not been easy. It has not always been full of things going the way you hoped they would. It has meant sacrifice in many ways. Oh, there has been times when God has answered prayers 'yes'! and times when He said "no" or "wait" -- and there you stand with this dream in your heart, wondering, longing to see it be reality, teetering on that edge of faith, clinging at the same time, to the dream, to the Dream-Giver.

How beautiful this world is because of people like you who truly live out their faith. Not without fear, but with confidence in the One who placed these dreams in your heart. Your faith, in knowing He will provide, is beautiful and inspiring. I know that many lives are and will be touched with His love because of the brave choices you have made.

Please know that I pray for each of you -- for strength when the way gets hard, for God to show up in a big way and meet your needs, for your dreams to become reality, for your families, for your hearts to be encouraged by Him.

I'm glad God let our paths cross. My life has been forever touched by you.

With love and admiration,



Mel said...

I love this and how God brings those people into our lives to inspire and encourage us, just when we need them. Beautiful. :) Happy Monday, friend!

Lisa Larson said...

Oh my goodness Cathy, you had me in tears! Thank you for such sweet, sweet words :) I think the exact same about you, and hope you know how much you inspire me! So grateful God brought our paths together! Have a great week, beautiful friend!