Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Snow Dayz!!

Nine inches of snow. Frigid temps. Blowing snow.  Biggest storm we've seen  in several years. I love it! The world slows down. The earth is blanketed in a peaceful quietness. Inside my home I am safe and warm as a truly remarkable thing called electricity kicks on my furnace and this gift called 'heat' pours through the vents in my house.

The days are filled with the sound of happiness. I say 'yes' more often to my kids requests. We stay in our pjs too long. We work on valentines day cards. Which are looking super cute by the way!! We finally get a chance to make snow ice cream. Mike's bringing home some whole chocolate milk to make some more snow ice-cream tonight. Friends come over to play. Playing wii. Playing Apples to Apples Jr.. Playing make-believe. Being creative. They stay for lunch. They head outside. Build snow mountains. Now, silence fills the house as the girls are snuggled in their beds reading, an afternoon break to replenish.  Extra time to spend on the computer and watch a couple of extra movies.

All this joy, and then I get the text...we get to do it all again tomorrow!! I love these days with my kids. Thank you snow for your arrival and the gift of time you've given to me!!

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