Tuesday, February 15, 2011


So most of our married life we only had 'rabbit ears' on our tv. It was a choice both to not let tv overtake our life, as well as spending our money on other things instead. When the switch over happened to digital tv, our converter box wasn't working well, so just over 2 years ago, we got dish network. We loved it - all the channels, the DVR, it was fun. But our bill had 'grown' to $52 a month...ridiculous, for something I dont' feel is really all that healthy and doesn't really promote family time.  Oh don't get me wrong, we certainly enjoy family movie nights, I love watching Cake Boss with the girls and I love them watching morning cartoons so I can snuggle in bed longer. Mike enjoys ESPN and channel surfing. But really, over $600 a year, for tv?!

Well Mike's co-worker, Jason, built these digital tv antennas - so last week, Mike and I spent one evening making one for us!! It only cost us $15, we get 10 channels AND they come in REALLY good - the basics: fox, abc, nbc, cbs and pbs. plus a few others. We're also paying for netflix ($8/mo), which we can stream movies thru our bluray and wii. Saving us over $500 a year.  And don't worry, this lovely antenna does not stay in our living room - it's safely tucked away in the attic!!

If you want to try it...just search "digital tv antenna" @ youtube.com! I was surprised at how easy it was to make!!

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Anonymous said...

I WOULD LOVE TO DO THIS!! Jeff on the other hand.. haha I'm going to bring it up and save money because we spend WAYY to much on it!