Thursday, February 24, 2011

Rockets and Springtime

In honor of space shuttle Discovery's last lift off today and the hope of Spring that is just around the corner, I present this poem.

Back when I was in school, guessing Jr. High - but could be before or after that, I had to memorize a poem.  I don't know who wrote it and I'm certain I don't remember all the words - but all these years later, this is what I do remember. and I still think it's beautiful. and I'm glad a teacher made me memorize it.

Fueled -
by a million man-made wings of fire,
the rocket tore a tunnel through the sky.
and everyone cheered.

Fueled -
only by a thought from God,
the seedling pushed its way
through the thickness of black.
and no one even clapped.

I'm also changing my blog background to something 'springy' because here in the Ozarks, some buds are decorating the trees and some bright green leaves are pushing their way thru the dead leaves in my flower beds, and my heart is longing for the fullness of Spring.

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