Saturday, February 12, 2011

Sarah is 8!!

A few random things I wanted to capture about Sarah's birthday.

I put these quotes on facebook, but I wanted to write them here to 'capture' them in time.
  • Sarah's goodnite quote: "Good night momma - this is the last time I'll see you until I'm 8!!" (which will be in 3.5 hours! or when she wakes up in 10.5 hours! Her excitement has been giggling out of her all day!! :))
  • Quote #2: "I can't wait to wake up in the morning!! 'cuz there will be balloons and streamers in my doorway!!! eeeee!!!" ~ Gotta love traditions!!
  • Sarah's Morning Quote (with a smile as wide as the ocean): "I've been waiting all year for this day!!" Love birthdays that let us pause and celebrate life's journey!!
She had her first sleepover for her 8th birthday. I only let her invite 8 friends - it was so hard for her to chose just 8!! Here are a few pictures to help me capture the moments.

Sleepover Breakfast

The balloons and streamers
 in her doorway.

Gotta love all the pink packages
at girl's birthday parties.

Ice-skating birthday cake,
with love, from Darian.

Celebrations are meant to be shared!

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