Thursday, January 27, 2011

Words of Encouragment

Today, I was reading a blog - I actually don't read too many stranger's blogs, but I find myself encouraged by her words, so I've been reading it more regularly.  I know her words are much easier said than done, and yet, if I could live these words out, I think it would be beautiful.  She wrote:
And perhaps our real work as humans is not to become more like someone else, not to look at what another person seems to have, and try to figure out how to get it for ourselves — but rather to discover that which is unique and precious to us, and to lovingly attend to that. Katrina Kenison
And then I was 'chatting' with someone on facebook, someone who is quickly becoming a sweet, cherished friend...and she gave me the gift of these words:
to put you in words, you are like a wave - quiet, powerful, and beautiful, enveloping everything you touch.
Ok, how sweet was that!! So I clipped those words right out of my chat and I'm saving them right here in my that I can read them again when my soul is in need of some warming up!

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