Wednesday, February 9, 2011

An Early Birthday Present

So, I'm the kinda gal who likes to actually get her presents on her birthday. I like the waiting, I like the surprise. It's fun. BUT, this year, I got my birthday present early...really early. Like 3 weeks early!! And it's been so much fun!!! Yes, Mike got me an iphone for my birthday!! I still can't believe it!!

We were still the family that had pay-as-you go phones. We bought a 1000 minutes at a time and they would last around 9 months - pretty good deal for only $100. So taking the leap to actually get a smartphone was a HUGE deal.

You see, it's something that I know we didn't need - we could easily live the rest of our lives and be happy without a smartphone.  But it became something I really wanted.  The convenience. The accessibility. The fun. I'm excited that we'll actually have coverage when we travel now, because with our old plan, we never had coverage when we traveled.  I'm looking forward to having access to maps, geocaching, restaurant and hotel locators when we travel this summer to the Grand Canyon.  It has a camera, music, weather, news, a bible - all at my finger tips. Mike is already addicted to 'angry birds' and I love having access to my email and facebook when I have a break subbing at school.  The girls have been fun with 'simon says' (you know the old push the correct color in the correct order game) and checkers and netflix videos. I've been amazed at all this little phone can do!! It really is incredible, the technology of it all.  and I'm so thankful we found a way to work it into our budget!!

Mike still has 400 minutes or so to use up on his pay-as-you go phone, then we're actually considering dumping our home phone and just going to cell phones. A lot of people are making that switch - I don't know why it's so hard for us to do. Will our grandkids even know what 'land lines' for your phone are? I noticed on a form the other day, it didn't even have a place for a 'home phone' any more - it only has a place for a 'cell phone'. Times are definitely changing...

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Dana-v said...

The mister has wanted to drop our land line since we got married, but I still have some insane attachment to having a "home phone number." It'd make sense financially.

Smartphones are the BEST! Can you say addiction?