Friday, February 4, 2011

Taking Time for Us

This weekend will soon tv, no computer, no phone...and NO KIDS!! It's our annual Valentine weekend getaway (a week early!!). And though we've had fun the past 4 snow days at home, I'm REALLY glad my girls will be away this weekend!!

The way Valentine's Day falls this year on the calender, next weekend is going to be for celebrating Sarah's 8th birthday, picking up over 1600 boxes of girl scout cookies and getting them to my troop and delivering ours. It's also getting closer and closer to Darian's due date, so the sooner we 'escape' the better chance we have of being able to still getaway! 

We're trying to save money for both a newer car and our summer vacation to the Grand Canyon, so Mike and I decided to do a staycation this weekend.  There's lots we often want to do in our own town and don't take the time or spend the money to do, so we thought we'd try a staycation and see how it goes!  The whole point is togetherness...taking time for us, spending uninterrupted time together, for investing in our marriage,  for remembering why we fell in love 20 years ago...and I can't wait!!

But first, the reality of cleaning up the house that seems to have exploded from the past four snow days of being at home!

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Heidi @ The Good Stuff Guide said...

Cathy- what a great way to spend time together! I envy this weekend you have coming (especially after 4 days home - I think its well deserved!).