Wednesday, March 2, 2011

No. 200

Wow, I began blogging three years ago!! This is my 200th blog entry!! For everyone who has ever paused to read my words, I thank you!!  So, I've been thinking about 'why' I blog...

1- I began my blog to keep in touch with family and friends. Our closest family is over 650 miles away. And with the few moves we've had, we have cherished friendships everywhere. It's a fun way to 'keep in touch'!

2- I LOVE to write! Here's a place I can!

3 - I hope one day my girls will appreciate the gift of my words and enjoy the stories I put in here about them. They give me so many sweet moments on this journey to cherish!

4 - We are never promised tomorrow. In the unlikely event something happens to me, my girls have a 'piece' of my heart here in these words.

5 - added bonus: From time to time someone will pause and send me an email or note, telling me they appreciated some words I shared. And I find myself honored, and encouraged, and smiling. I also find myself pondering the mystery of how God uses my words to speak something to someone else.

So again, if you're reading this - I THANK YOU for taking the time to do so!!

p.s. I'm so excited about today.  My good friend Lori and I have birthdays just 2 days apart - and we are finally able to get together today to celebrate each other and our friendship! We're both driving four hours (round trip) to enjoy lunch, get a pedicure (my last pedicure was with her three years ago before we moved), and hopefully get in a quick walk at the state park on this beautiful 60-degree, spring-like day! Looking forward to laughing, chatting, and just spending some time together! 


Dana-v said...

Happy 200th! It feels like a milestone, huh?

Lori said...

Had a fun day today! Lets plan it again soon! The road does not seem so long when you meet somewhere near the middle!