Monday, February 20, 2012

Weekend Replenishment

A weekend with Mike is just what I needed!! It's amazing how sweet the short time can be and what a replenishment it is for my soul! Between the girls' attitudes lately (that have been pushing my limits of patience) and processing some deeper things going on in my life...I really needed a break away. Glad we put this on the calendar over two months ago!!

Our weekend getaways always include these rules. No computer. No television. and Limited Phone and Clock (on for emergencies and reservations).  For us, those 'rules' help keep us focused on reconnecting and on the important things of life.

I also stock up on Groupon Deals. Getting away for even less is always the best. Our first deal was BOGO night free at Chateau on the Lake...I like the banners lining the drive on the way in.
Then I got the half-price ziplining deal. It was a smaller zipline operation - and now we are both ready to try a bigger one!
Long walks exploring new trails...over three hours of meandering in the woods. Was this really winter...felt more like Spring! (Here's our attempt at balancing camera on a tree branch in the middle of the woods!)
Of course we went to Andy's (twice), and ate at Reeds Spring Pizza (again half price), and caught this sunset at the hotel on our way out to a nice dinner...
And I even talked Mike into a Chic Flick - "The Vow" - of course I cried, so that makes the weekend complete, right?! ;) I'm thankful for all the little moments this weekend I had to just pause and cherish the marriage I share with Mike and the amazing life we get to live!

OH and my quote for the weekend...You never know the value of a moment until it becomes a memory!

psst - and special thanks to our amazing neighbors who took care of Daisy and for Darian and Beau who always insist on keeping our girls for us! We are so thankful!!

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Danavee said...

I want a weekend getaway now!!!!

And I was told I was cold-hearted, since I left The Vow dry-eyed.