Thursday, February 9, 2012


I put part of this conversation on my FB page this morning, but I wanted to capture it here in my blog to 'keep'. 

Me: We are going to a special service at the New Nixa Campus tonight. 
Sarah: Why?
Me: Well, because we want to celebrate all that God has in store for North Point - Nixa. We want to celebrate the lives that God wants to touch with His love. We are glad we get to a part of God's plan to bring people closer to him, so we are going to celebrate!
Morgan: Mom, when you talk...(pause)
Me: Um, yay?
Morgan: You make things sound so interesting!
Me: How's that?
Morgan: Well I didn't really want to go tonight, but then after you said that, I really want to go now! 

So tonight we went and worshiped the One who loves us more than anything. And we celebrated that He has had his hand on this new church campus since before it was even a thought, and for all the lives He will touch. And we are thankful we get to be a part of it! 

This picture was on FB when we got home - the girls wanted to sit front and center (not my first choice, but they were excited!) 

Lastly, I was thinking about this coincidence. Nine years ago we helped as a new campus was getting started at our last church, and we missed the first 2-3 weeks because of Sarah's birth.  This time we are missing the first 2 weeks of the new campus, again because it's Sarah's birthday this weekend, and we are travelling back to Jeff City, and will be visiting the campus from 9 years ago.

We hope to see you in Nixa! The fun begins February 19th! 9:30 and 11:00!

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