Sunday, February 12, 2012

9 Ways We Celebrated a 9th Birthday

Nine years ago, sweetness itself was born! Here are nine ways we celebrated Sarah on her 9th birthday...(she chose a mini-trip to visit friends vs. a party.)

1. Our birthday tradition of balloons and streamers hanging in her bedroom doorway when she wakes up
2. Donuts to school!
3. New hair for her American Girl Doll! Glad her doll made it safely to the American Girl Doll Hospital and back again into her arms!
4. Shakespeare's Pizza - shared with some great friends! (so worth the 3.5 hour drive!) Glad this is what she wanted for her big day!! How'd I forget a picture of this?!

5. Swimming at hotel pool with life long friends (whom we miss terribly!)
6. An amazing one-of-a-kind, birthday cake, made just for her by the one and only Darian!
7. Staying overnight at a hotel, just for fun! Made duct-tape flip flops!
8. Wrote her a special note in her journal.
9. Standing on her chair at dinner while the waiter wished her a happy birthday and gave her a mug of ice cream!

1 comment:

Danavee said...

I found some yellow and blue fabric with flip flops all over it. DANG IT! That woulda been a cute ironing board cover.

Happy birthday little lady! Thanks for the donut Friday.