Thursday, December 1, 2011

My Nephew IS HiLAriOuS!!

Noah in awe of the train. We got his big bro
 this train about 12 years ago! 
I seriously think I need to call my nephew every night. He is absolutely hilarious. He is the cutest two (almost three) year old ever!  So here is my attempt at  capturing a few snippets of tonight's phone call from him.

me: Noah, that is so cool! (he was telling me about his new lion hat)
Noah: No, not cool. It is awesome!
me: Awesome Noah!

me: Noah, Aunt Cathy loves you.
Noah: No, Mommy loves me.
me: Well mommy and Aunt Cathy loves you.
Noah: No, only mommy.
(30 secs later) me: Good night Noah, I love you.
Noah: Good night Aunt Cathy, love you too!

me: So Noah, is that okay?
Noah: No, it's not okay Aunt Cathy, it is fine!

me: Noah, is there snow outside?
Noah: No, it's just dark.
me: There is snow and dark.
Noah: No Aunt Cathy, just dark.
me: Is the snow hiding behind the dark?
Noah: (a bit frustrated)  No, just dark.

He apparently decided to tell everyone a knock knock joke at daycare. And he told me.  Here you go.
Knock Knock
Who's There?
Shelby who?
Shelby coming round the mountain when she comes!

I'm sure this is no way near as funny reading it, as the actual conversation was, but hopefully this will jog my memory one day of this sweet phone call I had with him.  And I must say, I just want to jump in the car now and drive up to see him! And play 'cars' with him! Soon, soon...

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