Thursday, December 29, 2011

Christmas Week

First, the pictures of what I'm calling our "American Girl" Christmas...
Next, capturing into words, some of the memories of our Christmas week...

  • Two miles into our 671 mile car trip my sarcastic daughter (Morgan) asks, "Are we there yet?" Ha, ha! And at 5:15am, I didn't even break into my famous song of "we'll get there when we get there, and have a great time when we do, but half the fun of getting where we're going, is going there with you!" 
  • The girls participated in their first communion at Christmas Eve service with their grandma and grandpa. Sweet moment. 
  • Aunt Suzie 'capturing' Santa on her camera in the middle of the night. And how much it helped my skeptical 'believing in Santa girls' to still believe in the magic! 
  • How happy my girls were with their presents, even if they didn't get their big wish items! I never once heard a complaint. Just smiles. And joy. 
  • Making t-shirt scarves with my sister.
  • Still being able to beat my 15 year old nephew at  monopoly. And that he still wanted to play the game with me!
  • My fingers turning raw from winding up the penguin to swim in the water, again and again, so I could see the smile on my 3 year old nephew's face again and again. 
  • Listening to girls splash in the pool with their cousins in Chicago. And their giggles playing Headbanz with them. 
  • Three girls, all snuggled together in one (twin) bed, while giggles (and whispers) drifted out of the door. Awww, sweet cousin love! 
  • Seeing family and being reminded of how much we are loved!
But now I must go, for there are more memories yet to be made! 

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