Thursday, December 23, 2010

Merry Christmas from the Bakers!

So as another year comes to a close, here is my last A to Z list for 2010.  We are thankful for a savior, born long ago, in whom we find freedom, hope and happiness, not only at Christmas, but all year long.

A – A to Z Summer Fun activities all summer long.
B – Brick-laying, Mike tackled a new project of making benches with some leftover bricks. Love them!
C – Celebrated our 16th Anniversary with a float trip down the Buffalo River in Arkansas.
D – Daisy dog blew out her knee and had to have surgery – she was pretty cute in her pink cast.
E – Entertained by the girls singing and dancing on their stage.
F – Fairy Fortresses built in the woods.
G – Girl Scouts-both Morgan & Sarah still participating. Sold 200+ boxes of cookies!
H – Happiness found in all the little things. Especially in the smiles of our girls.
I – Ice cream – ate it every chance we got!
J – Job change for Cathy, went from being an Aide @school to subbing, and spending extra time writing, hoping to pursue that passion more.
K – Keeping in touch with friends & family thru facebook and blog
L – Lawnmower needed lots of repairs, but Mike got a welder out of the whole deal.
M – Michigan Memories with Cathy’s family.
N– Neighbors. We have been thankful over and over again that we moved into this neighborhood two years ago. We love our neighbors!
O – Overnight camp for the girls (first time!). We all had 2 nights of fun.
P – Pomme de Terre Lake (aka, Potato Lake)– camping, boating, tubing, friends
Q – Quiet times to enjoy lots of reading and good stories. So many talented authors.
R – Running. Mike, Cathy & Morgan all ran their first 5k race!
S – Soccer – Sarah played soccer for the first time.
T – Treasure Hunting – Still enjoying geocaching!
U – Upstate New York memories with Mike’s family. Loved Niagara Falls.
V –Visits from Cathy’s parents in March and October.
W – Wildfire rollercoaster rides @ Silver Dollar City (upside down 5x).
X – Xcellent Health, which we try not to take for granted.
Y – Years old, Morgan, 9 yrs (4th grade); Sarah 7 old (2nd Grade)
Z – Zoo – of course we made it to the zoo this year – twice!

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Dana-v said...

I LOVE Geocaching! One of my favorite things to do, when the temperature is right!