Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Christmas Perspective

So, I've probably spent a little too much on our girls this year. I don't know why.  Maybe because Morgan didn't want to see Santa this year. Maybe 'cuz I feel these precious childhood years slipping by.  Maybe 'cuz I can. Maybe just 'cuz I love them and want to shower them with gifts. 

For the past three years, we've helped at 2nd Saturday at our church.  1500 people came this last Saturday... and our church gave them toys, food for Christmas dinner, visit Santa, a winter wonderland with awesome bounce houses, free haircuts, free immunizations, donuts.  It's pretty awesome.  So our pastor just posted this letter on his blog: http://tommysparger.com/?p=3236

A story I wanted to pass along…

I teach first grade in miller (a rural school district outside of Springfield.) One of my sweet girls came in today telling me how excited she was about a present she had gotten this weekend at a church. As a member of NPC, I had an idea she was part of second Saturday. When I asked her about the gift she said it was the only one she would get this year and it was a littlest pet shop toy. Even though she knew what it was, she wrapped it up when she got home and and would open it on Christmas.

I have been going to north point for almost 4 years now and have served at kid point for most of that time. I have seen a lot of changed lives, but this one just hit a little closer to home than normal.So, a great big thank you for your vision and heart for my sweet kids.

Ok, let me give that girl a Merry Christmas! Let me spoil her like I spoil my own kids! Oh, it was the Christmas perspective I was needing today.  I don't know if I'm more excited for my girls to get home to open the presents that arrived in the mail today, or to read them this letter and tell them about how they were a part of making a little girl very happy.