Wednesday, December 22, 2010

20th Christmas

So, I got to thinking (ok, so my brain never stops thinking!), that this makes the 20th Christmas that Mike and I have shared.  Wow. 

So, that first Christmas, in 1991, I got him a sweater. I loved it. Um yeah, he hates sweaters. It was the last sweater he ever wore or owned since I've known him.  He got me a Mich. State Sweatshirt. I loved it and wore it until I ruined it by leaning into a greasy vent in a plane we were touring. Now I just steal his MSU sweatshirts.  He also got me a Precious Moment figurine. The one with the little boy holding the mistletoe on a fishing pole over the little girl. Awwww. 

We didn't actually spend Christmas day together, as he still travelled with his family to New York until we were married. But I remember before he left, I gave him a card and in the ice on the card were the words "I Love You"! It was the first I had really said those words to him. We had started dating in September (the week before he went away to college and I was in my senior year of HS), and in October he had said "I love you" and I said something like, "you don't love don't even know me!"  And he said, "I love everything I do know about you!" :) Apparently we fell in love pretty quickly!!

Who knew, here we'd be 20 Christmases later, deeply in love after all these years, sharing this amazing life, with two beautiful daughters?!  All I know is that I thank God everyday for the gift of my husband and that "I love you" grows sweeter and sweeter with each passing year we share!

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