Tuesday, December 28, 2010


I know a lot of people have busy Christmases - rushing here and there, trying to see both sides of their families, often putting up with 'crazy' in-laws.   And I'm sure if I was in their shoes, I'd sometimes sigh in the midst of it too.

Yet, today, as we were cleaning the snow off the gravestones of Mike's dad, mom and sister, I felt a silent ache.  The truth is our Christmases should be filled with hustle and bustle and too much family.  We should be sharing laughter around the fireplace with my in-laws too. We should not be standing outside in the cold, trying to explain to our daughter why sometimes little sisters die before their big brothers. 

And while I am super thankful for my family and all the time I get to enjoy just hanging and relaxing with them - I know I'd share it in a heartbeat in order to crowd in the love of both families to our holiday festivities.

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Anonymous said...

I miss them sooo much too. My heart always has a silent ache. I think we were so blessed to have them in our lives yet I can't help but sometimes feel cheated. Have a blessed New Year. I love you all.. Teila