Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Last Day on Earth

Fourteen years ago, this was (most likely) Mike's mom's and Mike's sister's last day on Earth.  They did not know it would be their last day. We did not know it would be their last day. Yet, their last day came. One moment that forever ended their lives and changed ours. Forever.

I wonder how they spent their last day. I wonder what their thoughts were. I wonder if they would have done anything different if they knew it was their last day. Oh, if I had known it was their last day, I'm certain I would have said a few things more to them, but mostly, I'm thankful for the great relationship I had with them - one filled with both joy and laughter!

The small gift I've received through all of this, is the gift of cherishing every day.  Life is a sweet gift and we are never promised tomorrow.  Really, all we have this moment.  This moment is life. Full of life. I don't always appreciate it, but I try. Try to make the most of this beautiful life I've been given.  To wake up grateful that I have this breath. Grateful that I am surrounded by my family's love. Grateful for the the memories I have which remind me of all that is important in life.

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