Saturday, December 4, 2010

Celebrating Darian

Darian has been an amazing part of our family for the past 9 years!! She is one of the sweetest, most giving, kindest, un-selfish, fun people we know! And for whatever reason, she has decided to LOVE our girls these past 9 years (really, she loves all kids!)  She has graciously watched our kids for several weekends for the past few years. This was an email she sent me last summer: No thanks necessary for last weekend. I should be thanking you for "sharing" the girls with me. We always have such a good time! I'm looking forward to our weekend next month. One day just wasn't long enough!!! Ok, what parent doesn't love to hear that when we leave them for a weekend!?! On top of that she makes them amazing birthday cakes. Darian always makes our girls feel special, important, and loved, no matter how short or long her time is with them.  She comes to their games and activities when she can. To say she is a blessing in our life falls short of how much we love her!!

Well today is her day!!  She is getting married today!! We are super excited for her and Beau. We look forward to watching them create a beautiful life and family together in the years to come.  Someone as beautiful as she is, deserves all the happiness her heart can hold!! We're thankful we get to be a part her life and this very special day!! I'm sure more pictures will follow!

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