Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Mike's Day Off

Happy Birthday to Harry S. Truman! (Thus, the reason Mike had today off. There are benefits to being a state employee!)

So, Mike's day off...he got up early to take Morgan to school, then came home and loaded up bikes. After Sarah headed to the bus, we headed to the Frisco Highline Rails-to-Trails for some biking.  We ended up biking 20 miles! 

There was even a mountain bike trail that ran parallel with the trail, so we got on that for a couple of miles. I love mountain biking.  We had so much fun pre-kids mountain biking regularly.  Maybe one day I'll jump over logs and plow through creeks again! :) For now, we enjoyed the conversation, exercise, and time together this 20 miles allowed us. 

Mike even had a flower get stuck in his bike spoke, see it there in the middle...

He then took Sarah lunch (nuggets, fries and a frosty) and ate with her in the school cafeteria. Always an experience! Then we cuddled on the couch, watch some shows on netflix, til Morgan got home and they left to go get some blizzards at DQ together. 

And guess what!? Our new storm doors came in! So after a quick trip to Lowes to pick them up, he's spent the evening installing the first one! Oh, I love it!!!  I've wanted these since we moved in 5 years ago. I'm thankful for the overtime he's worked the last few months so we could afford these 'extras'! 

I love how Mike took time on his day off to spend some time with each of us, so I just had to write it down, just in case we ever start forgetting how awesome he is (although I don't think that's possible!) 

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