Wednesday, May 29, 2013

End of the School Year: This n That

There has been so much I've wanted to blog about lately -- fun things happening in our lives, and yet, I don't have time to record everything! Well, when my girls get home today, they will be 5th and 7th graders. I still can not believe how quickly life is flying by with these two amazing girls.

The last few months, I've let the girls get instagram accounts. I'm monitoring them closely because the online world is a scary place these days for tweens and teens. 

But I have liked seeing what the girls choose to put on their pages, and seeing their friends like their pages.  And I'm smitten with instagram, so it's been fun to have them interacting with me on there too. 

Here was a screen snapshot of Morgan's account today.  Gotta love the Spartans photo! :) 

I've had quite a few sales in my etsy shop, this month -- two large orders -- one for 24 coasters and another for 12 nameplates -- gifts for team members and volunteers.  It's been a fun little adventure these past 6 months!

I sold them at Minden Place here in town for 3 weeks and made over $40, but then she decided to close shop for various reasons, so that was short lived! :) Oh well.  

Here's one of the orders...

The girls had lots of fun with their architectural skills this past week -- and built some fun fortresses in our backyard in the trees. Complete with zip-lines, weapon rooms, and more! Love their creativity!

And lastly, the not-so-good-news to start summer. Yesterday, lunch started out great -- having lunch with my neighbor! Chatting away...and then, all of a sudden something didn't feel right. I went to the bathroom -- and my tooth had broke in half!! Geez.

Luckily, could see the dentist in the afternoon -- only to find out they could not fix it nor save it. It will have to pulled by the oral surgeon on Friday. Then I have to get an implant. And then a crown. This whole process will take 6 months. It's crazy. And let's just say, that even with insurance kicking in, it will still be over $2k for all of this...not exactly how I wanted to start the summer!  The worse part -- my tooth - was a perfectly healthy tooth -- no cavities, no fillings -- the dentist said it was just one of those 'weird things'! Lucky me!!

So life goes...but I'll take the bad mixed with the good...if it means a full life!

Now, to finish up our final A to Z Summer Fun list before the girls get home shortly and summer officially begins! :)

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