Wednesday, May 29, 2013

The Dream Journey

It's hard to believe this God-Sized Dream Team commitment is coming to an end. Here's the last assignment from Holley: We’ve been walking the path of God-sized dreams together for a few months now. Will you share an update with us about your dream? Let us know where you are with it–the happy and the hard. Tell us how we can pray for you and your dream too. 

Wow, I didn't know what to expect when I signed up (and was actually selected!) to be a part of Holley's team!  What has truly inspired me are all the other women who are authentically pursuing God-sized Dreams that God has placed in their heart.  This community of women has been nothing short of inspiring and motivating to me! It's a beautiful thing! It's one of those 'glimpses of heaven' things.  This team to me has been what the body of Christ should be (and sadly, often is not) -- real, encouraging, uplifting, honest, supportive, faithful.  This journey is one that I will long remember as the years go by.  These women, this team, will give me strength as I journey forward, knowing I am not alone.

So, as Holley update on my dreams...

Creating Family Friendly Apps -- I haven't completely given up on this dream. I still think some of my ideas would make some fun apps -- so I'm still keeping my ears and eyes open for an opportunity to partner with someone on some app development!  However, what I've discovered on this journey is that the heart (or the why) behind this is that I want to encourage family togetherness. Healthy families can prevent so much heartache, not only now, but later on in life too! Healthy families, families that have fun together, have the power to make a difference in the world! Healthy families are happy families, enjoying their one life well!

This dream journey has reminded me that in many ways I am already living this.  I get to share my family ideas every week through The Good Stuff Guide, which already has a huge audience of readers! Through my own blog, I also get to share my ideas with friends and family.

Another thing this dream journey has shown me is that I want to pursue my dreams in real relationships, in real life, not just with online relationships and unknown people. Though I've met some amazing online people -- I'm wanting to connect in real life more, and I'm asking God what that looks like and where I can inspire and encourage other families (and be encouraged in my own) in real life!

Publishing My Memoir -- The story of my grief and healing. Of murder, of not guilty verdicts, of healing. I want others who are going through similar tragedies to be encouraged by my own journey.  And I've been researching and making a list of several publishers who I am hoping to submit book proposal later this year.  But again, this dream has drawn me to real life. There are grieving people right here in my own community. I am going to start volunteering with Lost and Found Grief Center this summer, and more in depth this fall.

I've also got a children's book idea, I'm hoping to polish up this summer and submit to a publisher or two! And while I treasure moments, and living in the now, there is such value to dreaming, to looking forward -- when God places dreams in our hearts -- we live fully when we are faithful to pursing them! I read a saying awhile back, that went something like this: "Don't you think God smiles when we enjoy the life he gave us?" And sometimes enjoying life means right now, and sometimes it means looking forward.

If you have a dream in your heart, and haven't picked up a copy of Holley's You're Made for A God Sized Dream book -- I encourage you to order a copy today! You won't be disappointed by all the encouragement and hope you'll receive from the words in the pages!

I think this so so perfect for us <3


Mel said...

It's so amazing to reflect on all that God managed to do in six months. I'm so thankful that we had the chance to get to know each other...and also that we now have a friendship that can grow. I'm here to pray for you and encourage you however I can as you keep pursuing your dreams! Thank you for the huge blessing you've been to me! (And here's a deal for you...when you're ready. I'll read your book and you can read mine.) :) Love you, friend!

Cathy Baker said...

Yes, a friendship that can grow! This makes me smile out-loud. :) YES, I'd love to swap books to read!!