Wednesday, May 15, 2013

A to Z Summer Fun (Girls' Versions)

So, it's about summertime, and we've got our A to Z summer fun list on our minds! I asked the girls what they'd put on the list if they could make it this year - they had some great ideas.  Here's what they came up with on their own...

A is for Andy's 
B is for ball games
C is for coldstone
D is for dog day
E is for eat Chinese 
F is for father day
G is for game day
H is for half priced sonic shakes
I is for ice cream day
J is for jello day
K is for kite flying
L is for lick your lolly pop day
M is for mom day
N is for nap day
Ois for outside day
Pis for popcorn day
Qis for quiet day
Ris for riding day
Sis for sunshine day
Tis for taco day
Uis for u do it your way
Vis for viking dress up day
Wis for water day
Xis for xtra watermelon day
Yis for your imagination day
Z is for zebra painting (or zoo day)

(BTW, she made a complete powerpoint presentation of her ideas!)

A - Animal Day (go to the zoo with casella family)
B - Bring together hands day (invite friends to help clean up our world)
C - Counting Day (count things we're thankful for)
D - Deserve Day (think of someone and give them something)
E - Egg Roll Day (Chinese for dinner with dad)
F - Fun Day (we each think of something fun and do it!)
H - Hugs hope and happiness day (bring joy to others around you)
I - Ice cream day (with dad)
J - Jumping Jacks Day (go to Chesterfield)
K - Kick back and relax (hang outside, play in water)
L - Lickity split day (make huge hot fudge banana splits)
M - Mouth watering Day (go get whatever your taste buds are screaming for)
N - News Flash Day (get old newspapers and doodle on them)
O - OOOOH AAAH day (go see a movie)
P - Pop Pop Pop Day (Go Eat Lunch with Pop - bring popped popcorn pizza and soda pop)
Q - Quack Day (have Henry over to go feed the ducks)
R - Race Day (think of funny races to do)
S - Spa Day (go get our nails done at mom's nail salon)
T- Trip Day (Take a trip to a secret place)
U - Up Up Up and away (watch Mary Poppins as she goes up up and away)
V - Vacation Day (lets stop A-Z fun and do whatever we want)
w - What is that smell Day (go into kitchen and just start baking)
X - X-citing Day (what is on our agenda for today, where are we going, is it a surpirse?
Y - Yikes Day (it is the second to last day, so lets go have a campfire!)
Z - ZYX...learn the alphabet backwards. 

So, now, what to do, what to do? Complete both of their lists? Combine a few of each of theirs and some of my own ideas into one list?! Hmmm.  Whatever we do, I'm sure it will fall somewhere between awesome and zany fun! I LOVE SUMMERTIME!! 


Lisa Larson said...

Wow, what a fun list! I'm so inspired by this and all the ideas!! You're girls are adorable :)

Mel said...

These lists are great...Your girls have some great ideas! :) You know, Andy's Frozen Custard keeps coming up in your posts...I think I need to try it. ;) Have a great day, friend!