Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Goodbye February (I will not miss you!)

I'm not usually one for wishing away days or even months. If I'm alive and breathing, then I believe in being thankful and making the most of things. And most of the time I try.  But I gotta tell you, Mike echoed my heart last night when he said something like "I'm ready for March to get here. February has just been a rough month."  I do believe I texted my sister almost the exact same thing earlier in the day.  It.has.just.been.a.really.really.tough.month.

(Yes, this is my little pity-party - it's cheaper than therapy - feel free to skip this paragraph though!) Let me just give you a quick overview -- our cancelled cruise after driving 750 miles to get to it. Plan B not working out. Choosing plan C and driving all the way back home. Disappointment over Sarah's 10th birthday not being all I had envisioned for her.  Lice. (ewww!) Ear Infection (which meant spending my birthday at urgent care instead of swimming with dolphins). Car breaking down. My super handy husband not being able to fix it - so spending two days in shop to pay someone else to fix it. Sigh.  3 snow days, which I do believe now means we have to go back to school for one day after Memorial Day. Stink!  My depression overwhelming me of late. My 'dreams' seem to be dwindling (although disappointed, I'm not in despair - I do believe God is guiding me to better ones!). I've been trying some new meds. Side effects were terrible, and didn't help.  Now trying a new meds. I hate taking meds.  Had my annual checkup from my biospy last year to make sure my thyroid is still ok (will get results next week) - I hate the unknown, although I'm certainly no where near as worried about it as I was last year.  Worked very little this month, which isn't life or death, but with extra medical, travel and car expenses, it would have been nice. My new bible study being delayed. Watched first snowman the girls have been able to build in two years be smashed by bullies at dinner last night. 2.28.13 update: I woke up to a crashed computer (that is only 2 months old - going back to the factory!)

And while we have tried to see the silver linings, because there have been some sweet ones, and we've tried to capture the moments we really want to remember on film and in words, we are weary.

So I'm thankful for a new month. A chance to refocus again. To hope.  And we've got some good things ahead - Mike's big 4-0 birthday coming up, my parents coming to visit, our cruise take-two, watching our daughter at a math competition  Hopefully sunnier, longer days to get outside more. I need fresh air. And warmth.

But before we say a final farewell to February, here are a few of pictures from our snow-day yesterday (which because of my amazing neighbor, the girls got to stay home and enjoy while I went to my 3 dr. appts and shuttled Mike to/from work). I'm glad they got to make these memories.

Sarah has been enjoying her 'friends' visiting the new bird feeder
she got for her birthday, and is in her bedroom window.
I also like the sledding tracks I see in this picture! Great hill!

Snow Much Fun! Snow day with friends.

See missing arms? See guilty dog? She has traded her old habit
of chasing kids on sleds and stealing their hats with
this new one of stealing snowman arms! Love her! 
And even if it's been rough lately, I still love my life and the beautiful people I get to share it with!

One more cute thing: Morgan just came home and quoted me this "3.1415926535897932384626" - she's been on a kick to memorize the digits of pi lately - she's up to 23! And she does it consistently! #impressive - me, I'm sticking with 3.14! Oh and her favorite day of the year (after her birthday) is March 14th. ;) 

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Mel said...

Oh, judgment here, I promise! Sometimes there are just "those months", and it's never wrong to be thankful for a new month and new reasons to give thanks and be hopeful! I'm praying March will be extra wonderful and full of unexpected blessings! (Along with some pretty great expected ones, too!) :) Praying for you, sweet friend.