Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Silver Linings

They say behind every cloud is a silver lining.  And that's what I'm focusing on this morning from our 62 hour adventure to TX and back again.

The best part of our cancelled cruise...was seeing these beautiful people we call family...

Jarrod, Brittney, Chloe, Andrew, Aunt Jean, Uncle Danny, Tessie

The top picture is my Uncle Danny, Aunt Jean, and the Ring Boy and Flower Girl at our wedding in 1994.  I saw my uncle and Tessie in 2005 but I haven't seen my aunt nor Jarrod since this photo in 1994. Texas is a long way from Michigan.  And even pretty far from Missouri. And let me tell you...18.5 and 8.5 years is too long!!

Well, it just so happened my uncle had a hotel suite for work that had plenty of beds for us to hang out at for a couple of days while we reorganized and worked on plan B then plan C. How awesome was that?!

And then on Sarah's birthday, his whole family drove down to have dinner at the aquarium with us! (Bottom photo) What a special treat it was...the food, but mostly the company! It is a memory I will cherish in my heart for a long time! 

My uncle Danny always leaves me with great memories and spending time with him just makes me happy!

So our PLAN C?! (Quick History: Plan B was to head to San Antonio for the week to stay at the Hyatt with fabulous pools, Party it up at Sea world - swim with sea lions, take in the river walk -- well, pools were closed for repairs, sea world is only open weekends right now).  So Plan C - was to give Sarah the most memorable 10th birthday we could - then drive back home the next day - with a rebooked cruise for Spring Break in March! So how did we celebrate her day in Galveston?

It was cold, blustery, drizzly, windy day in the low 50s! BUT, she wanted to see the ocean.  So we went to the ocean and she took off her shoes and wandered along the shore - collecting seashells alongside her sister. We climbed rocks and tried not to get splashed by huge waves.

Then we went to take a dolphin tour boat ride -- we only saw one dolphin, and I told Sarah I was sorry about that, to which Sarah responded, "That's okay, at least I got to see my first real dolphin on my 10th birthday AND I get to still swim with them next month!" Love her positive outlook! But the tour guide gave us 2 great tips - dolphins like to swim in front of boats and the ferry is free.  So after a pizza lunch, we hoped on board the ferry (20 min ride ea way) and guess what - we saw several dolphins - a couple in front of ships - and a whole bunch were swimming near the dock as they unloaded and reloaded the ferry.

We finished the evening with her birthday dinner at the aquarium and her special dolphin cake (thanks, Darian!) at 10pm at night!  I think she felt cherished and will remember this as a special day - so I'd say, so far, Plan C, is a success - and we're thankful we have the cruise to still look forward to in just a few weeks! Here are a few pictures to remember our day...

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Mel said...

I teared up reading are blessed with such a sweet family, but I'm sure you already know that. :) Have fun anticipating that cruise! Praying it is full of wonderful memories!