Tuesday, March 13, 2012

(in)courage (in)spired deals: Cute Coffee Mugs and Plaque

Oh, look at what arrived in the mail last week!! This, oh, so cute plaque, that says "Loved by God, Just as I am, Made in His image, Part of His plan." 
Holley Gerth - Loved - Canvas Wrapped 6" Ploque image 
So my big dilemma was where or where to put this cute thing?! Well I decided it was a truth I'd like the girls to see often, so I decided to put in in their bathroom. Of course it made me smile when I heard them in there reading it! :) Oh, and I must say, I was quite impressed with the solid quality of this. It's a solid block of wood underneath all that stretched canvas cuteness - it has the option to hang on the wall, or you can just set it down on a shelf somewhere. What a cute little gift this would be for a friend!

And the fun didn't stop there, look at these adorable mugs I also got!
Holley Gerth - Perfectly Loved - Christian Mug image

And they even have this cute little heart in the bottom of the mug!

 I must say, this hot cocoa lovin' girl is looking forward to filling 'em up on these rainy days coming up! Again, I love the subtle reminders of truth these mugs provide - and trust me, as a 'recovering' perfectionist - it is a truth I need to be reminded of every day.  The mugs say, "She didn't have to be perfect, because she was already perfectly loved. I John 4:8"  You might remember my recent blog post, Imperfectly Me, when I first came across this saying. I haven't stopped thinking of this saying every day since.

You see it's a truth I learned several years back and it's changed my life in amazing ways. But I still need the reminder of it often when my old ways of thinking return. Here's the truth - there is nothing I can do that will make God love me any more than he does at this moment - I can't go to church more often, or give more money, or volunteer more, or read my bible more - to earn more of His love. He loves me completely as I am (with all my imperfectness), at this moment - and that will not change. It also goes the other way - He can never love  me any less - even if I question His 'plan', or I never set foot inside of a church again, or never attended another bible study. I don't have to do anything for God's love to complete me! And in all those ways I see myself as a 'failure' - Jesus' grace covers it all and sees me beautiful! I don't have to be perfect (as if I ever could be), I just have to live in relationship with Him who already loves me perfectly! If you need any more encouragement, check out (in)spired deals page where you will be encouraged and (in)spired by others on the journey!

I really do love this line of products from Day Spring. They are well made, super cute, and speak truth! What's not to love!?!? The are all inspired by Holley Gerth's newest book, You’re Already Amazing: Embracing Who You Are, Becoming All God Created You to Be.

Special note: I received these products for free, in agreement to give my own fair and honest opinion of them on my blog! 

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Mary @ Giving Up On Perfect said...

I do love the details of Dayspring products, like the cute little heart at the bottom of that mug. But even more importantly, I love being able to surround myself with Truth shared on this line!