Wednesday, March 7, 2012

His Real 39th Birthday

Tonight at dinner, Morgan asked Mike if he knew what he did for his 12th birthday - he had no idea. And I had no idea how I celebrated mine. Maybe it's not important - we celebrated and I'm sure it was a good time. But I guess that's what I love about blogging - I can to create a snapshot of moments - and one day, if the girls want, or I want to, we can look back and 'see' that moment in time.

So, how did we celebrate Mike's 39th Birthday today? Well most of the day involved work and school.  But tonight, the girls got 'dressed up' and we took Mike out to HuHot for dinner. We'd never been there before, and enjoyed the dining experience. I think it's Morgan's new favorite restaurant. And while there Mike has this amazing interesting idea - let's draw names and whoever's name we draw, we make them their own bowl for dinner. The girls were all over it. Let's just say, I could hardly eat what Sarah tossed together for me - but nonetheless, it was fun.  We then stopped by Bass Pro and of course had to go to the shooting arcade, as well as tour (and dream about) the new boats. The girls had made an ice cream sandwich cake last night for Mike's birthday today, so we enjoyed that when we got home. I should post a picture, but I don't feel like finding the camera and the chord to download pics  at the moment. Maybe later.

I do love celebrating birthdays! Especially Mikes!!

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