Monday, March 26, 2012

The Undefeated Flames

Sarah had her last Volleyball Game of the season tonight!! They ended the season undefeated!! Sarah has had a wonderful experience - she has had an amazing coach - she is not only an expert at the game itself, but she is wonderful with kids! I have a high respect for all volunteer coaches - they are amazing!! I'm thankful there are wonderful people out there who make the world sweeter by investing in kids!!

Last Fall Sarah could NOT get the ball over the net. Well tonight, when she was up to serve, she got it over the net 4 times in a row!! And of course Daddy promised her Andy's if she could get it over 3 times in a row - so it looks like there is an Andy's trip in our very near future! (Unfortunately the game ended at 9pm on a school nite - so we couldn't go tonight!) And of course, I was so excited and in the moment for her accomplishment, that I totally forgot to get a picture of her mile wide smile!
Sarah's certificate tonight read:
"Most-Improved Server" Presented to Sarah Baker #2
...because of your dedication in learning to serve. Your perseverance paid off and you have achieved excellence in serving.
Flames Volleyball 2011-2012
coaches Katrina Doza and Angela Walker

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