Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Job Interview Morning

This morning, I'm thankful for...

  • a husband who kisses me goodbye in the morning and says with a smile, "Knock, 'em dead today!"
  • girls sleeping in from their all night read-a-thon (still wondering how long they made it!)
  • that I actually got a good night's sleep last night
  • a warm shower to wake up
  • homemade zucchini bread for breakfast
  • pay day (and Mike's amazing job for the past 17 years that provides for us!!) 
  • two more etsy orders to ship out today! 
  • remembering that I am not defined by my career, but by who I am in Christ, by how well I love. 
  • the dreams that God has placed in my heart, that I can keep pursuing, - to write, to encourage...
  • Hope. Thinking about opportunity this job offers for me to love kids and to coordinate resources that bring them hope, growth, and healing. 
  • Opportunity today for me to decide if this is the right 'next chapter' to open in my life, and for them to decide if I'm the right person for the position. 
  • waking up, another day to smile and enjoy! 

1 comment:

Marcy Hanson said...

Love this! What a great way to start off your day. Blessings and luck to you!