Monday, July 22, 2013

Couch Rebels

Five years ago, I wrote my memoir.  It's a story I wrote for my girls. It's part of their family history. It's a story of how tragedy changed and shaped my life, and thus theirs.  

Well, I had a few friends who were submitting stories to this book project...
Couch Rebels; Because Stories Like These Aren't Told by Potatoes

What is the book about?
"Couch rebels are people who have been outside their comfort zones (whether voluntary or involuntary) and have allowed those experiences to change their lives. While the rest of society is imitating potatoes, couch rebels are learning, growing, and experiencing the incredible things life has to offer." 
If your story gets enough votes, and the editors like your story, then you will get published in the book (set to release next month!)! They give 50% of profits to a good cause, this time it's going to provide clean water for 45,000 people and to help fight HIV/AIDS in Africa.

If my story is selected, I will get to share 20% of the profits with all the other authors! Added bonus!

So, I woke up at 4am in the morning Saturday, couldn't sleep, so I condensed my memoir into 900 words and submitted it. I almost didn't submit it -- fear of rejection, fear of being vulnerable, but I did!  I'd love for you to take a few moments and read it and vote for my story: A Mosaic Heart

Note, you know your vote has gone through when the vote icon changes from orange to grey. :)

Oh, and as long as your there, you should read my friend Mel's story too: A Moment of Love.

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